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Lava Magazine CD review December 1998

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This one arrived just in time for deadline (well, just after) and what a welcome package it was. This is the cd of the party, but more than that, it's a stand alone document that proves once again to the world that we are as strong as any nation at producing superb electronic music. The tracks here are a string of pearls, not a dud amongst them.

Kicking off in fine style with Pitch Black's Alternate State, an appropriate headline for the music that follows: the soulful electro of Micronism, the sonic perfection of epsilon blue, the rootsy beats of Salmonella Dub.... one after another they come, 14 tracks in all, every one a winner.

Universal Records have got in behind this album 100%, with a major TV spend and full distribution support, and slaps on backs all round for taking what is bound to be a successful punt.

This is an album that deserves to achieve success beyond the fast growing group already tuned in to Kiwi electronica, right out into the mainstream. Spread the word, buy copies for the whole family for Christmas and make them all turn it up so the neighbours get a listen.

Stephen, Lava Magazine, December 1998

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