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Christchurch Press, 2 February 2001

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THE GATHERING COMPILATION Volume 3 (Virgin) * * * * *

Still getting over the event? Let it live on with this collection from some of this country's top artists who featured at this year's Gathering. It's an excellent collection. Opening with Trinity Roots' Little Things and following with the equally tasty dub version of Salmonella Dub's Love Your Ways, the good tracks don't stop. Some, such as The Nomad's Musical Direction, up-and-comers Shapeshifter with DNA, and Ekto's Soul, point more strongly to the dance floor than others. Pitch Black's almost orchestrally structured electronica is represented by Reptile Room. Bluey's Eight Metre Swell, written just down the road from The Gathering Site, is an epic, as is the uplifting trance of Max Maxwell's Age Old Sol, while Rotor's hypnotic minimalistic chill-out 3am Room 4 is a perfect album closer.

Nick Gormack, Christchurch Press, 2 February 2001

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