The Gathering G2

G2 was the last ever Gathering, and was the second to be held in the Cobb Valley in Golden Bay.

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G2 facts & figures

How many portaloos? How many Gatherers? And how many incredible DJs, live acts, VJs and performers did their thing in Cobb Valley?

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G2 media coverage

Media coverage before G2 was strangely muted, with only a few relatively small articles, despite John Digweed being booked to play.

Post-party coverage was mostly enthusiastic, although the drug-testing taking place onsite (not sanctioned by TheG) and the relatively low turnout did make for a few inches of additional copy. As in 2001 Murray once again threatened to take the party north, and again the media mentioned the growing competition amongst dance parties for the New Year crowds.

And then in May came reports that The Gathering's finances had not recovered from the losses of G1, and were in fact, worse. The dreaded word "receivership" was mentioned and then - just like that, it was all over. The Gathering company was placed into liquidation, and that was the end of the party. Goodbye to The Gathering, and goodbye to the magic... How sad.

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G2 official artwork

We're looking for copies of any of the official artwork for G2, so that we can complete this section. Do you have any?

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Map of the G2 site

Currently this page holds the same map as for G1. If anything changed on-site in terms of layout between G1 and G2, can you let us know so we can amend it?

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G2 photos

Do you have any photos of G2 you'd like to share?

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G2 video and film

We're looking for video and film footage of G2. Do you have any you can add to our collection?

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Your G2 stories

How was G2 for you? What are your favourite memories of the last-ever Gathering?

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Thanks heaps to Ritche Nelson aka DJ Domino for sending us a scan of the G2 flyer - from which we were able to do the design for this section. Thanks dude!

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