How to send us your photos

If your collection is of 6 or more great pictures, I'll create a page for you on the website, where your photos will be displayed. Otherwise I'll add them to the "various artists" page for that year.

What sort of photos to send

Ambient installations

I'm looking for well-composed, interesting or unusual photos of all aspects of The Gathering. I'd like images that help to build up a complete picture of what each Gathering was like, so the more unusual the better. Take a look at the photos already online to see if your pictures will help to fill in some gaps. If they do - send them in!

Everyone takes pictures of the Trance zone, but not so many people take photos of, say Ambient, or Jazz/Classical, or Tribal. Did you? I'd love to see them! I have more daytime photos than nighttime ones, so those taken at night (especially in any of the zones) are especially welcome.

I am also very short on images from the first Gathering - 96/97 - so any photos from that year would be very gratefully received.

Dancer 1

What about decorations in out-of-the-way parts of the site? The Shrine in the Forest in 97/98 for example? Or parts of the site that weren't just for partying - the road (the traffic jams!), the recycling station, the buses, the portaloos, the general store, the food tent, the water tanks, the camping areas etc? How about your favourite DJ, live act or performer during their show, or the lights and visuals at night?

And people. People are always great. What were we wearing on the dancefloor in 1996/97? How did that differ from what we wore in 2000? Did the freaks really come out to play the TheG, or was that just media hype? Who was there, how did we dance, and what did we wear?


I'm especially interested in crew photos. Ones that show the various stages of the setup and/or packdown are really valuable, in that they show how much work went into the party each year. Behind-the-scenes pics are always interesting for people who weren't behind-the-scenes themselves. Photos of your fellow team-mates are also brilliant, because I want this site to celebrate the amazing people who made The Gathering happen, as well as the amazing people who came to party with us.

Sending photos digitally

If you're scanning your own prints:

  • Scan at 300 dpi, as this will produce better quality and larger images for the website
  • Save images as highest quality .jpg files

If you're sending photos taken using a digital camera:

  • Send as-is, at whatever quality/resolution they were originally taken.

Please email your digital photos to You can also stick them on Dropbox if you prefer, and share the folder with me (definitely a better option if you have more than a few).

Alternatively, you can mail me a CD of your digital photos. Please see below for more information.

Sending prints/photos by mail

  • Please send copies, not the original prints, because I also want to keep them for my paper archive, so I won't be returning them to you. Do not send negatives.
  • Ordinary 5 x 3 prints are fine (although larger ones are fine too), preferably shiny finish rather than matt.
  • Please package prints carefully in a padded envelope, with cardboard on either side to protect them so they don't get bent in the mail.
  • If you're sending a CD of digital photos, please use a padded envelope or CD mailing box to protect it.

Photos should be sent to:

Alison Green
The Gathering Archives
PO Box 11-858
Manners Street
Te Aro

Information you should include with your photos:

  • Which year (which Gathering) are these photos from? This is really important - I won't know which section to put them in if I don't know which Gathering they're from.
  • Description of each photo:
    • Where on the site was the photo taken?
    • When was it taken? Before or after the party (setup or packdown) or during the party - which day or night was it?
    • Who is in the photo? If possible, please check with the people in the photo to make sure they're cool with having their picture on the website. Please identify people from left to right on the picture, so I know who's who. You can include their first names or full names (or no names) - it's up to you.
    • Any more info about the photo you'd like me to include.
  • How do you want to be credited on the website? Your first name only, your full name, or no name? Do you have a website, blog or email address you'd like me to link to from your photos?
  • Please include your contact details (email address or phone number) so I can contact you if I have any questions - and so that I can let you know when your pictures go online.

Will your photos be selected?


While I cannot guarantee that every photo you send me will be included, it's likely that the vast majority will. Photos that are very similar to ones already on the site are less likely to be shown than photos that show a new view, a new angle or unique subject-matter.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please contact me at

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