How to make corrections/additions to stuff already on the website

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This website is a work in progress, which will change and grow over time as people add more stuff to it.

Sometimes you'll see pages where something is obviously missing (for example a sticker, ticket or poster I don't have for a particular year). You may be able to supply the missing item.

Other times you may see a list which is incomplete - for example the list of performers for a specific year - again, you may have the information that can help me to complete it.

You may also see information on the site which you know to be inaccurate, incorrect or incomplete. DJ lists, for example, can change right up until performance time. Were you scheduled to play in a particular time-slot, but ended up in another one?

There may be media coverage (TV and radio, newspaper or magazine articles etc) that I don't have in my collection. Whatever the format, I'd like to add it to the website.

I don't know one tenth of what went on at each Gathering - no-one does - but together we can create a complete and accurate record of each one - in all its diversity and craziness. I just need your help to do it.

Sending your additions

If you can supply me with a missing item from a collection - for example a poster or ticket I don't have - you can either send the item to me, or scan it and email me the scan.

Items should be sent to:

Alison Green
The Gathering Archives
PO Box 11-858
Manners Street
Te Aro

If you want it back, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope or packet in which I can return it. If you're happy for me to keep it, that's brilliant - I will add it to the paper archive collection.


Food tents

Please scan items at 300dpi, as this gives a larger and higher-quality result. If it's a printed item (such as a sticker or poster), you may get a moiré pattern on your scan, which is the pattern of dots used to create the print. Moiré patterns are bad! To prevent it from appearing on your scan, please ensure your scanner is set to Descreen: ON, and if you have a setting for it, please select Magazine (colour) as the source.

Please email your scans to or alternatively, Dropbox them and share the files/folder with me.

Factual information

If you have additional information you think I need to complete an existing page, please email me the info. Please also include the URL of the page that needs changing, so that I know which one it is.

New stuff

You might have items or information I haven't even thought of yet, which you think might be of interest. For example, did you do design for one of the zones? Do you have the initial designs on paper? Or maybe you were on The Gathering mailing list and worked with other Gatherers to organise something special for the party. Tell me about it!



I'm bound to have included something on the website that's actually incorrect. If you spot a factual error somewhere, email me with the URL of the page, what's wrong and what needs to be done to correct it, and I'll fix it straight away.

If you have any questions, or need any help, please contact me at

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