Gathering momentum

Christchurch Press, 22 December 2000

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On the dance scene, the line-up for The Gathering 2001 is looking as strong as expected of New Zealand's premier outdoor dance party.

The three-day event runs from midday on December 31 until midday on January 3. Tickets are still available.

Highlights this year will be Trinity, ShapeShifter, and Salmonella Dub in the roots/dub/hip-hop/d'n'b zone; Pitchblack, Way Out West, and Unit 23 in the trance/ techno zone; and in the house zone, Clinton Smiley, Josh Webb, and Delray System. Other zones are hardcore, ambient, jazz, classical world, and tribal.

This year The Gathering has shifted to a new site in the Cobb Valley at the bottom of the Takaka Hill in Golden Bay, which organisers say has the advantages of sealed road access, swimming holes, and easy access to Takaka township.

Let's hope the rain, which turned last year's party into a mud-fest, stays away this time.

Gates open at 10am on December 30.

Tickets: $160, phone 08002bookit.

Nick Gormack, Christchurch Press, 22 December 2000

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