Valley site for this year's Gathering

The Dominion, 14 August 2000

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The site for New Zealand's biggest New Year's Eve event, The Gathering, should be warmer and more accessible this year, publicity co-ordinator Alison Green said yesterday.

The site, in the Cobb Valley near Upper Takaka, is in an isolated area surrounded by bush, with a river running through it.

Improved access would prevent the eight-hour traffic jams experienced last year, and with the site close to sea level the climate should be more forgiving, Ms Green said.

The past four events were held at Canaan Downs on top of the Takaka Hill more than 750 metres above sea level.

The $130 tickets go on sale today, and are available only through The Gathering's website or 0800 number.

Each ticket will be electronically coded to try to avoid a forgery scam, such as the one last year that cost organisers more than $500,000 in ticket sales.

The Dominion, 14 August 2000

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