Evening Post, 14 December 2000

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HEAR that sound? It's the rumble of thousands of hippy feet practising their dancing... for the countdown to the Gathering is well and truly on. And if you think "hippy" is an easy out just cos it's being held in Golden Bay, the press release explains that the Gathering is a dream "that our differences can bring us together instead of pushing us apart... that we can exist without violence or hate." Take my point? This year it's also a dream of a new site with much improved access, with the 72-hour event moving from Canaan Downs on Takaka Hill to the Cobb Valley over the other side. You have to fear for all those Combis but once there, no fewer than seven dance zones will be in action. In the trance-techno area Pitchblack, Way Out West and Unit 23 hold court, Trinity, ShapeShifter and Salmonella Dub are on hand in the rootsy dub zone, and Clinton Smiley, Josh Webb and Delray System are in the House.

A huge array of other acts have been confirmed including King Kapisi, the Nomad, Chris Knox, the Dance Hall Dons... It all kicks off at midday on New Year's Eve and runs till midday January 3.


Caption: DUB ZONERS - Salmonella Dub.

Steve Rendle, Evening Post, 14 December 2000

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