Police called in after girl has 'bad trip'

Nelson Mail, 2 January 2001

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A man has been evicted from the Gathering and his girlfriend, who apparently had a bad drug trip, is in medical care, after police were called to the Golden Bay dance party this morning.

Constable Peter Crins of Takaka police said the man, in his 20s, was evicted at about 6.30am after he became aggressive when security officers and police tried to control his girlfriend.

The incident happened outside a domed tent near the campsite, commonly known as the "chill-out zone".

Chubb security officer Ray Andersen said the teenage girl, who was jumping over cars and shouting references to religion and Jesus, seemed to be having a bad trip on a drug.

Mr Crins said the girl was today being cared for at the Gathering by St John ambulance staff. She was to stay there until she had recovered.

Mr Andersen said it was the second time a person had "freaked out" beside the domed tent.

On New Year's Eve security officers had to control a man in his early 20s who stripped naked and threw $20 notes in the air. He also received medical care.

Jane O'Loughlin, Nelson Mail, 2 January 2001

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