Cleanliness Hurley's top priority

Nelson Mail, 3 October 2000

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Tasman Mayor John Hurley wants to ensure rubbish is put in its place this New Year's Eve.

Mr Hurley said adequate amounts of toilet paper and rubbish bins needed to be on hand to handle the 20,000 tourists expected to arrive for the Gathering at Upper Takaka this year.

"It is important to ensure the region is kept clean during the busy Christmas and New Year period because thousands of visitors are going to be coming through," he said.

The Gathering, a three-day dance party, is to be held in Cobb Valley Rd, Upper Takaka, this year.

With thousands of people travelling through Motueka and Golden Bay, arrangements would be needed to ensure local facilities were kept up to standards, he said.

Mr Hurley told the engineering services committee last week he wanted to ensure all rubbish deposit sites were serviced with adequate drums and emptied on demand and that toilets were serviced more frequently.

"Last year one of the community boards commented that there had been a large amount of rubbish in Motueka from the extra traffic generated to the Gathering," he said.

"I put forward to the committee that arrangements be made to ensure things are serviced when necessary. We have pictures from last year of mountains of rubbish piled up."

Mr Hurley expected the crowd of visitors would begin arriving two days before the event and stay up to four days following the end of the Gathering.

Nelson Mail, 3 October 2000

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