Intergalactic Ball the biggest and best yet

Nelson Mail, 11 September 2000

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The Artery's annual Intergalactic Ball on Saturday night was the "best yet", attracting a full house of 528 people and a profit, says Artery manager Dave White.

The ball kicked off the Nelson Community Arts Centre's Fringe Festival programme, which is part of the Nelson Arts Festival.

Mr White declined to say how much money the event made, but said it was attracting interest from potential sponsors.

It was run on a $15,000 budget and featured performers from throughout New Zealand.

The doors were closed on the all-night party just after midnight, but a crowd of about 300 people gathered outside.

"That was a bit of a problem, but the police were really good.

"They kept coming past and clearing them away," Mr White said.

National Radio's Homegrown music show host and Kiwi music specialist Liz Barry said it was the most she had danced in 20 years, while "comedian and raw pop legend" Chris Knox said it was the best time he had had in ages.

Mr White said Knox had now been signed up for The Gathering dance party in Golden Bay at New Year.

Mr White said all the acts at the ball were great, but the headline act, Auckland dub-dance duo Pitch Black, "blew everyone away".

Most of the partygoers were from Nelson, but many had come from other parts of the country after hearing about the ball through the Gathering's chat list on the Internet.

He said the success of this year's ball meant entry would be by ticket only next year.

Nelson Mail, 11 September 2000

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