Student population brings DJ group south

The Southland Times, 23 February 2001

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The folks of Golden Bay Sound System reckon they have it made. They get to produce music they love in an idyllic setting. Golden Bay, up Takaka way, also happens to be the home of annual dance party The Gathering.

"It's an awesome place creatively and it's just a beautiful place to make music," system organiser Paul Bromwell says. "It's no wonder (DJ) Max has lived here eight years." All these good vibrations produce some great music, Bluey's Ocean Unknown released in October and Max Maxwell's debut Continuous Play are shimmering, positive statements the benefits of good sun and ocean views, mixing beats and electronic samples with outdoor samples, guitars, organs, electric guitars and mandolins to create a textured ambient-dub sound.

Very Chill. And perhaps a little bit Dunedin.

Maxwell studied at Otago in the middle of the 1980s: "There was a lot of energy coming from bands down in Dunedin especially from bands like The Clean, which were quite driving and full power which, I think, is quite closely linked to dance music stuff. It's not a conscious thing but it is there." Both DJs Bluey and Maxwell are stalwarts of the New Zealand electronic scene, getting involved in the early Entrain parties that evolved into The Gathering. The two were two thirds of trance act Matipo Pyramid, which ended in 1997 when members went overseas. Since then they have been making music as solo acts on one label. The latest tour is to promote their LPs, which they also plan to release in Europe.

The System added Invercargill to its list because of family connections and the student population.

"We wanted to come where we thought there was traditionally not as much interest in electronic music," Bromwell says.

Golden Bay Sound System featuring DJs Max Maxwell, Bluey and British guest Dubmission play at Tillerman's tonight.

Chris Holm, The Southland Times, 23 February 2001

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