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Sunday Star-Times, 7 January 2001

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HAVING read Grant Smithies' article "Everybody dance now" (December 31), I have to disagree that the biggest outdoor music event this summer is The Gathering.

This festival had only 10,000 whereas a festival later this month will have at least 20,000 attending. The Parachute Festival, to be held at Matamata during January 26-29, is the biggest and also the longest music festival in the country. It will have more than 13 overseas acts and heaps of DJs.

If you want to do a wrap up of summer festivals or DJs next summer, you don't miss out the country's biggest event. Is Smithies getting a bit out of touch? Perhaps he has never heard of the annual Parachute festival - or did he ignore it because it is run by Christians? Then again, maybe the Christian publicity machine has not had its wheels oiled yet.

Dave Crampton, Wellington
Sunday Star-Times Letter to the Editor, 7 January 2001

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