The Gathering

Christchurch Press Letters to the Editor, 12 January 2002

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Sir--Having just arrived home from the Gathering and read The Press' "coverage" of New Zealand's biggest dance party, I am appalled.

In sending the "world's oldest punk rocker" (January 3) to a predominantly dance music event, I feel the Gathering has been cheated of a worthy review.

Interviewing just two people out of 6000 seems unusual for a reporter. These two were not satisfied, but Peter Christian failed to communicate with the other 5998 who certainly appeared to be having a ball.

As a third-time Gatherer, my expectations were exceeded - as usual.

Each year is different and therefore incomparable. Certainly the "lack" of people did not change the atmosphere for me. Old friends celebrated together, and new friends were made.

Next year, perhaps The Press reporter could be someone more musically aware who will seek to enjoy the Gathering for itself rather than reminisce on days gone by.

CLARE McLENNAN-KISSEL, Linwood, 6 January 2002
Christchurch Press Letters to the Editor, 12 January 2002

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