Countdown to G2: The Gathering is on again

Christchurch Press, 27 July 2001

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Undoubtedly New Zealand's largest outdoor dance event, The Gathering has brought New Zealand's dance community together every New Year's for the past five years.

The Gathering 2002, G2, will again be held in Cobb Valley, near Takaka, and will run for three nights, from midday December 31, to midday January 3. There'll be eight zones, covering the entire spectrum of dance music.

Tickets are now on sale. $130 to October 1, $160 after that. You can now order tickets on-line, check out the website at

And G2 organisers are also calling for DJs, VJs, live acts, and performers - across all the zones - to submit a mix showing them their best. The deadline is end of August - again check the website for details.

Nick Gormack, Christchurch Press, 27 July 2001

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