Partygoers ask for drug tests

The Dominion, 2 January 2002

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PRO-CANNABIS campaigners at The Gathering dance party near Takaka say they do not promote the use of harder drugs, but for $5 they will test partygoers' tablets to see what they are.

Dave Moore, president of the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party, said that quite a few people had tried their "e-testing" service, which checks for Ecstasy, speed, and other drugs.

A small sample of a partygoers' drug is placed on the back of a plate, and a chemical added to give a colour that indicates the presence of various substances.

Mr Moore said the predominant drug found was Ecstasy, and no speed had shown up.

"People buy the stuff and are not really sure what it is. It allays any fears they have. It's about peace of mind. We (the party) are not into hard drugs, and it just happened that someone asked us to do (the test) for them."

Mr Moore said he did not think many Gatherers were using drugs, though the smell of cannabis was common.

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party existed mainly for promotion purposes, he said. -- NZPA


Caption: NELSON MAIL Mr Moore tests the strength of an Ecstasy tablet at the Gathering Supplied by New Zealand Press Association

The Dominion, 2 January 2002

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