A letter from the Gathering

A letter from the Gathering

Dear Auckland,

Last year's GATHERING dance event featured 6 sound systems spanning the musical range - from dub, drum 'n' bass, hardcore, house, techno, hiphop and whatever else. The event drew over 5,000 people to an isolated site on the top of Takaka Hill near Nelson. For two and a half days the sounds were continuous in all six areas, allowing several hundred Aotearoa DJs and live performers the opportunity to do what they love and for the crowds to celebrate at the largest and best outdoor dance culture event this country has yet seen.

This year the event will most likely use the same site, but the plan is to have an even wider representation of different musical styles. With this in mind The Gathering crew are now calling for expressions of interest/enthusiasm from DJs, performers, designers, experienced road crew and anyone else who feels they have a part to play in making The Gathering New Year 97/98 a cultural force to be reckoned with. We are looking to book all DJs and performers within the next few months so we can start to publicise the line-up.

See you there

Grant Smithies

Lava magazine, 16-29 July 1997

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