Your stories from The Gathering 97/98

In this section we'll keep all of your stories from The Gathering 97/98.

The second Gathering - and twice as many of you came to party with us. If you were a newbie, what was your first G like? If you were already an old hand, did you like the direction in which we were going? How was the music, the camping, the decorations, (and the portaloos)? If you crewed that year, do you have stories of your experiences? And let's not forget the documentary - were you in it?

Joanna McLeod

Plunging into the Trance Zone, nothing else mattered but the pulse and sight of thousands of people dancing as one. The massive area was hemmed in on three sides by trees, and sloped up and down around a huge central tower. The tower itself contained the DJ booth, and screens on which computer generated visuals swirled around and around, above small stages where the more extroverted danced. Laser projected shapes skimmed the edges of the trees, reflected in the silver foil statues that encircled the dance area... read more


....time passed and no taxi, we were stuck up a river road with packs and bags of food, etc.. thinking shit we're going to have to walk to Nelson, and then this guy in a ute comes along and lets out his dog for a run.... read more


Went up the path round the back of the tribal zone and climbed over the fence into the paddock there. On the top on that hill, in the paddock, there is a big line of old huge pieces of wood. Went and sat up there for an hour and saw the first sunrise of 98, over the beech trees, with all the tents below, and steam rising from the grass, and that wonderful country smell in the air, and that feeling when you haven't slept for a couple of days - is this real or a dream?... read more

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