Facts & figures

Facts and figures for The Gathering 97/98
Vital statistics: 48 hours, 700 crew, 8,000 Gatherers
Event dates: 31 December 1997 - 2 January 1998
Ticket price: $51
Number of tickets sold: 8,000
Number of crew onsite: 700
  • Trance/Techno
  • Dub/HipHop/Drum&Bass
  • Happy/Hardcore/Industrial
  • House/Funk/Garage
  • Ambience
  • Tribal
Size of sound stystems in each zone:
  • Trance/Techno: 55K
  • Dub/HipHop/Drum&Bass: 20K
  • Happy/Hardcore/Industrial: 10K
  • House/Funk/Garage: 20K
  • Ambience: 5K
  • Tribal: acoustic
Number of DJs: 117
Number of live acts: 35
Number of performers: ?
Number of VJs: 26
Number of artists working on the decorations: 30
Number of fire performers: 100+

In this section you will find:

Who played in each zone (DJs and live acts):

Lists of all our performers:

Technical specifications in each zone for:

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