Your stories from The Gathering 98/99

In this section we'll keep all of your stories from The Gathering 98/99.

How was it for you? Did you get down and dusty, or did you stay cool? Were you pleased with the (comparative lack of) traffic jams in 98/99? And how was your Last Trance? Are you in any of the photos?

James, Nicci Noo and Divs

On the second morning not long after sunrise, I was walking back to camping two after a 4 hour spell in hardcore (I was pooped) I couldnt quite make the whole stretch in one go so I had a bit of a sit on the side of the road with my trusty watter bottle... read more


tonite we are dreamers
tonite we float
tonite we dance


we are immaculate among the stars that we are ... read more


Been dancing up a storm all evening, looking into the eyes of everyone and seeing outrageous things, suddenly the music grows more intense, more intense, like these thick syrupy thuds and smacks growing faster and faster, it's the sound of the insides of a body making love, it's the sounds of a heartbeat roaring in my chest... read more


It was our island in the sun! Our paradise in the desert of arizona that was the Gathering. So we called it Fiji, because you could hear the waves breaking .ha... read more


We designed the whole warp thinge to fit on in parts. To make sure that all sizes were exact for the pole, the tent-yard was visited and the pole measured... read more

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