Your stories from G2000

In this section we'll keep all of your stories from G2000.

How was your millennium? Did you stick it out until the Last Trance, or did you seek refuge somewhere warm and dry instead? Didja like Murray's Midnight Surprise? And how much mud did you have to wash out of your disco pants afterwards?

Ali Green

That's the secret, and virtually every person who comes through those gates onto Canaan Downs knows that - or somehow, if they don't know it when they arrive, they sure do by the time they leave... read more


WOW this sounds like an AMAZING party! I am in london, I've never been to NZ and I was at a Return to the Source trance party when someone told me G was the best party in the world. Next day I surfing your site............. Well I can feel the buzz coming through the keyboard.......This sounds amazing... read more


this is the start of what we are waiting to finish...

again. this night for me... read more

Tim Owens

one thing that i've always considered special about our parties is the way we create a place where people are able to be their childself, to play outside the realm of shield and threat. the freedom to express our smiles to each other is part of the delicate magic we try to sustain amidst the hullabaloo of a spectaclar birthyear party... read more

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