Gathering artwork

Here's (most of) the Gathering artwork for G2000. Hopefully you can help to make this collection complete.

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G2000 was a funny year as far as artwork was concerned. Because all tickets to the party were sold out well in advance, we didn't need quite as much of the promo stuff as we'd needed in previous years. The booklet was still very important though, because we had to try and ensure that all the new Gatherers were prepared for life up on the hill. Problem was, those 5,000 people who bought forged tickets didn't get a booklet with their ticket, which was not a good thing, considering the terrible weather.

Fi Jack once again did us proud with both the booklet and the G2000 CD. Penny did a couple of stickers, and then Stefan did the poster and the ticket. Someone else did the crew passes, based on one of the stickers. Because of the number of different designers doing different things we had a more eclectic feel with the artwork for G2000 than in previous years. Some of the crew really liked the random nature of all the designs, others were not so keen. There was also something of a dust-up about the multiple typos on the back of the ticket that had been sent off for printing without being edited or proof-read. As a result the ticket didn't include our trademark mission statement that we'd had in previous years, which was a shame. It was also a shame that the ticket's embossed and fluorescent "g" didn't work too well as an anti-forgery device, but there you go - none of us really expected professional forgers to start copying them by the thousand...

The Package did a special edition for distribution up the hill, which was great, and we also handed out the Ministry of Health's little safety and drug information handbook, What U Should Know, both of which are included here.

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