Gathering artwork

Here's (most of) the Gathering artwork for 96/97. Hopefully you can help make this collection complete.

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The first ever Gathering - and the artwork and manifesto (written by Peter Fogarty and James Meharry) set the tone for all subsequent Gatherings:

The Gathering is a festival of freedom, dance, music and participation. All colours of the frequency. Your presence creates The Gathering. Take care; we are all responsible for the environment. Be nice humans.

The mighty Gathering "g" was born - and became so recognisable that for G2000 we were able to use it on our stickers without needing the whole word.

The Gathering typeface was designed especially for the event by James Meharry, who designed the artwork for that year - but he never got round to finishing the complete alphabet - he only did the letters and numbers that were needed for the 96/97 artwork. It would be great to have the full set.

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