Takaka Hill Road

Nelson Mail - letters to the Editor, 5 January 1998

Sir, Instead of negative remarks being printed about the Gathering held at Canaan Downs, why don't those in responsible positions pick up a pen and write to the correct authorities, Transit New Zealand and the local Member of Parliament, asking that three or four widening areas be created to allow more passing bays on the Takaka Hill to cope with the traffic in holiday times? It is a job that is well overdue.

Add up the road tax all those attending the Gathering pay plus the money they spend in the province while being here.

Every election year we get a waffler trying to enter Parliament on the scheme that a tunnel be built under the hill - a pie in the sky idea.

On the other hand, if the job I suggest was undertaken, those attending the Gathering wouldn't bother anyone.

Do something positive about the Takaka Hill and don't turn people away from our province.

Maybe there is a vacancy in the North Island for those with a negative attitude.

JEANETTE ELLIS, Hope, 5 January
Nelson Mail letters to the editor, January 1998

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