An Open Letter From The Gathering

RE:MIX, issue 3

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Kia ora tatou,

Well, what can we say apart from THANK YOU! Thank you to the seven and a half thousand people who came to The Gathering and made it such a wonderful event. Your energy, your smiles, your awesome good vibes, your multicolours and your freaky dancing blew us all away.

Thank you also to the 120 DJs and live acts, 20 VJs and 50 performers who played at The Gathering. Without you, there would be no party, and we have maximum respect for your skills, your expertise, your artistry and your positivity.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to our wonderful crew, including Red Cross, the Welfare and Safety Team and Alpha Security. Many of you gave 110% of your energy and expertise both before, during and after the event, and we could not have done it without you. You rock!

The Gathering brought an enormous boost to the depressed local economy over the New Year period. Feedback from the community and individuals has been overwhelming and an extraordinary range of groups and organisations are keen to be involved next year. The police, area councils, businesses and local people will be working with us over the next year to ensure that The Gathering can be held at Canaan Downs once again in 1998/99, discussing management strategies to minimise traffic delays and environmental impact, including recycling the waste.

The Gathering is truly a festival of participation. We hope to see you all again there next year - same time, and hopefully same place....

Love from
The G Crew - Murray, Jose, Grant and Tim

PS ......and thanks heaps to RE:MIX for giving us the space to print this letter. Check out

RE:MIX, issue 3

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